Windows 10 May Update Goes Live with new exciting features

Microsoft has just unveiled the next windows update that will be publicly available to everyone. Windows 10 May Update has lots of exciting new features that give a general improvement in the way windows looks and also in terms of performance. Here are some of the new best features in the latest Windows Update:

  • Sandbox

Sandbox is one of the most exciting features I’ve interacted with in the new windows update. Sandbox lets you execute unknown executable files in an isolated desktop environment thus protecting your computer incase. With sandbox on board, the fear of running unknown exe files shouldn’t be a thing to worry about anymore. The feature is both available for Windows 10 Home, Pro, and Enterprise. However for both Windows 10 Pro and Enterprise Sandbox has to be enabled at will, but still, you can turn it off anytime you want.

  • New Light theme

If you’ve been using the previous version of Windows 10, you’ll notice that there was a dark theme that was highly prioritized. However, Microsoft has now introduced a light theme which gives you a system-wide theme, unlike the dark theme. The default windows wallpaper has even been tweaked to blend with the new light theme. The theme is something you should try out.

  • Separation of Cortana and Search

Search is not one of the smartest features in Windows 10 despite being available for some time now. In the new update, Search has now been separated from Cortana. Additionally, the new Search is now built with a different interface offering a quick look on your top apps, recent activities, and files plus you can filter the results by apps, documents or even email and web results.

Web results feature isn’t that great considering the randomized results that pop-up when you search and offline document. Hopefully, Microsoft will continue to work on the search feature to make it more fast and reliable.

  • More privilege of uninstalling built-in apps

Microsoft wants to let you take more control over what apps you have on your computer by removing unnecessary built-in apps. In the new update, Microsoft enables you to uninstall apps like Groove Music, Mail / Calendar, Movies & TV, Calculator, the new Paint 3D app, and the 3D viewer. However, hoping that the next update should enable removal of more apps like the camera.

  •  You can now pause Windows updates

The biggest issue with Windows has been the inability to pause updates. By then, Lucky for you if you knew how to restrict network usage by activating the ‘set as metered connection’ in settings. However, now, all that is sorted- you can pause windows updates whenever you want.

Even with Windows update paused users will still enjoy monthly security updates from Microsoft. Additionally, Microsoft is changing the allocation of disk space when installing a Windows update. From now henceforth around 7GB will be preserved for Windows update which should enable almost anyone updates Windows without disk capacity limitations.

Other notable features in the new Update include a new brightness slider which enables one to quickly adjust screen brightness to any level and Kaomoji which can be easily accessed using the Windows+period shortcut.

Here’s a quick video on how to get the Windows 10 Update on your PC.

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