Huawei reportedly working on Aptoide, a Google Play Store replacement

The Huawei US trade blacklist has made headlines at the end of the past week and even now. Bearing to the fact that the Chinese company has been banned from doing any business with any American company, Huawei has been reportedly getting ready to handle the calamity at hand.

Despite the Google temporary 90-day work certificate, many other American companies have halted transacting with Huawei, including ARM, Intel, Qualcomm, and even Microsoft among other companies.

In terms of software, Huawei has been reportedly working on its Operating System that is expected to be ready come late 2019. However, on the future of their Kirin Processors, it is still unclear on what will happen.

However, Huawei has been reported to be working closely with Aptoide developers to make Aptoide ready as a Play Store alternative. Aptoide is similar to Google Play Store but it’s an open source application, which as per now has more than 900,000 apps with a fan base of over 100million users.

The Chinese company has requested developers to submit their applications to App Gallery, Huawei’s app store that is similar to the Galaxy Store by Samsung.

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