Breaking access and awareness barriers in hypertension and diabetes care through mobile

Tiba Yako program was launched today in Kenya, which strives to break the access and awareness barrier between hypertension and diabetic patients’ through a mobile application.

The program involves two partners Boehringer Ingelheim, a pharmaceutical company and PharmAccess an NGO with its principal focus on improving health care service quality in Africa. The program will offer direct screening and provide extensive services for hypertension and diabetes victims with awareness, access, and adherence to the needed healthcare.

The key medium, which links the integrated platforms, is the mobile application PIN unique to every user. PharmAccess has not only gained media visibility in the world as one of the biggest pharmaceutical companies but also in Kenya; the company has been the parent drive to M-TIBA.

M-TIBA is an initiative, which provides access to healthcare services by connecting patients with healthcare facilities and funders and additionally enabling users to transact using their wallet directly from their mobile phone. M-TIBA integration with the new Tiba Yako program will now give access support to hypertension and diabetes patients. Hypertension and diabetes access support prioritizes users with low income by enabling them to co-pay for care at selected clinics in Nairobi, Kiambu, and Vihiga Country.

Tiba Yako program will also enable users to monitor their blood pressure and glucose levels conveniently at the comfort of their homes. The obtained results can further be sent digitally to their doctors for a review.

The program has also been integrated with Afya Pap, an innovative digital wellness application that includes self-management support.

Working closely with Boehringer Ingelheim’s ‘In Reach Africa’ initiative, Ayman Eissa, Head of Human Pharmaceuticals in Sub Saharan Africa stated, “our fundamental priority in the region is to develop solutions that enable screening and education. With Tiba Yako, we have a clear strategy in place to improve access to healthcare for those in need.’’

The Tiba Yako program “enables people to self-manage and control their disease from home.” Isaiah Okoth, Country Director- PharmAccess. The program aims at utilizing the already existing high mobile penetration rates in Kenya amongst low-income citizens. The ease of access to mobile devices, therefore, is an opportunity to grab which can provide a platform for both direct service and financing models.

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