Huawei set to launch IndeoenOS an alternative to Android OS later this year

Talking about last week, been one of the toughest weeks for the world second best smartphone seller, Huawei. Google had cut ties with the Korean tech giant which obstructed the company from accessing Google services in Huawei’s future devices.

The ban was after US President Donald Trump trade blacklisted the company. It’s not only Google that the company cut ties with but also Intel and Qualcomm.  Google reversed its ban by giving Huawei a temporary certificate valid for 90 days which ends 12th August 2019.

However, for software related issues, Huawei seems to have been already preparing for calamities like the current one. Huawei Consumer Business Group CEO Richard Yu has announced plans to replace Android OS with a new OS by the name indeoenOS.

The OS will be featured in coming Huawei devices later this year or early next year. Reports indicate that IndeoenOS will be used across all devices, including tablets, computers, wearables, and TVs. Additionally, the OS will be compatible with all Android apps, but still, a recompile option will also be available for increasing app performance.

Despite the IndeoenOS news, Google is also being rumored as working closely with Huawei to find another way around the ban.

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