Huawei restricted from using Google’s Android OS

Huawei has been banned by Google from using its services including software and hardware unless open source. In a report from Reuters on 20th May Reuters wrote,” “Google has suspended business with Huawei that requires the transfer of hardware, software, and technical services except those publicly available via open source licensing.”

This is a big blow to Huawei as it makes the company’s future in other parts of the world greatly affected. In addition to the Huawei US barn last year, the second largest smartphone seller has faced a ban in the US market, but the effect has not been severe as expected.

However, this ban from Google would mean that the Huawei smartphone ecosystem won’t be able to access any Google services, including Gmail, play store, or even YouTube. Any future updates for the Android OS won’t be provided for the company too.

The report is, however, not clear on how the current Huawei users will be affected by this ban. Huawei in the recent past has faced the crisis with the US following reports that the company has close ties with the Chinese government intelligence agency. By this report, the Chinese company was banned in the US and even barred from doing any business with the US companies the likes of Qualcomm and Intel.

The Huawei Chinese market won’t be affected since Google services are non-existent in the country; however, this will immensely affect the market outside China where Google services are a basis of their smartphone. The ban comes in handy after the Trump administration placed Huawei Technologies Inc. on a trade blacklist on Thursday.

In addition to the ban, the company has been trade-blacklisted for culminating with the trump administration. However, it’s not yet clear whether the ban will be permanent or just for a given amount of time.

Huawei in the past has been reportedly looking for an alternative means that would work for them in case of a ban in the future. However, in an interview with the Reuters in March Eric Xu, Huawei rotating chairman strongly believed that the Android community doesn’t have rights to block any company no matter what happens.

Trump, the US president, has a planned meeting with the Chinese President later next month. This could be the opportunity to solve part of the US-China trade wars that have been incredibly rising in the recent past.


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