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YouTube Ads are killing my user experience on the platform

YouTube has been a great deal to me since the time I started using the platform. The platform offers almost anything you want, ranging from music, documentaries, and even YouTube can be used to rent movies these days.

However, just when the platform has amassed billions viewership a month, Ads have also taken over the platform. I acknowledge ads are not bad as hosting videos isn’t cheap, and even part of the revenue goes to the services offered and creators on the platform.

YouTube, in 2018, announced the creation of more unskippable ads to be implemented on the platform. Since then, unskippable ads have become more practical on the platform, and it’s hurting the YouTube experience.

However, over the past few months, I noticed that the platform has immensely increased the ads on the platform. Unlike in the past, even pausing a youtube video these days there’s more than 60% percent chance that the video won’t resume unless an Ad is shown. I have had those ‘damn it’ moments having to skip the same ad repeatedly. I mean, why would YouTube still show the same Ad you jumped like ten times.

Inserting YouTube Ads after each video and even between the videos is killing the user experience. Some creators have also added more than even ten ads in a video! However, let it not be seen that I am complaining too much. Initially, skipping ads had always worked for me; however, as of now, I’m locked in ‘Ad hell’ since most ads are unskippable these days.

Despite the existence of YouTube’s free ad platform- YouTube Red, the free YouTube version doesn’t have to be stuffed with Ads everywhere. YouTube Red comes at a cost, though, you have to pay $10 per month voluntarily. However, even though I hate YouTube Ads, I will never consider spending the ten bucks a month for YouTube Red.

I am not a supporter of app mods as a matter of fact who will pay developers anyway? It’s the users. But still, there should be a specific limit that Ads should be implemented on a platform. However, back to modded apps, there is already a couple of YouTube mods available that can offer an Ad-free experience on the platform. A perfect example is GenYouTube.

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