Podcast startup PortableVoices opens its first recording studio in Nairobi

PortableVoices, a Kenyan audio production, and podcast startup has opened its first recording studio in Nairobi. The startup, which is focused on producing African spoken word entertainment, will work with Kenyan podcasters to produce audio content for the African region.

According to Allan Niongira, the founder of PortableVoices, the studio will serve as an open space for publishers, broadcasters, entertainers, and business information providers to produce high quality encrypted digital audiobooks, podcasts and radio dramas. 

‘’Audio format is proving quite lucrative. It is time for marketers to crystallize the sense that podcasting or audio content is an important and powerful marketing platform.”  Allan said.

According to the JWT Intelligence Future 100 report, sound is becoming a key channel alongside watching or streaming TV. It is also being cross-pollinated with other channels creating media ecosystems.  

‘’Companies should start exploring the business potential of sound through audio branding,” said Allan.

PortableVoices has so far successfully released five new podcasts – Burudani Express, Talanta Viwanjani, Campus Diaries, Africa Startup Roundup, and Motherhood all of which gathered high numbers of online audiences and reviews, which positioned the startup as the first narrative podcast network in Kenya and East Africa. The podcasts are distributed through the company’s website and other streaming platforms like Soundcloud.

In 2018, the startup was also able to test its audiobook production capacity by producing a ten-story audiobook (Voices in a Generation). ‘’Based on the great success and feedback we have gathered so far, the Kenyan and East African audiobook market proves to be a high value yet untapped market,’’ Allan said

Portable Voices has also introduced Creatives Club, a community of audio content creators in Kenya. Members can join the club by paying a monthly fee and will, in turn, get weekly recording sessions, voice acting & podcast training, access to more paying clients and much more. The club is open to both students and freelancers.

Podcasting and other audio content marketing is no longer a sideshow to video and other trendy content formats. Allan says Kenyan businesses are overlooking the audio content marketing opportunity

‘’In addition to development of more content, distribution and marketing solutions, we will continue working with and supporting podcasters, authors and publishers in Kenya to produce, and distribute more podcasts, audiobooks and African audio entertainment,’’ he concludes.

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