Guest Post: Driverless cars: The future of Transportation

By Rilind Elezaj.

Driverless cars, which are also known as self-driving or autonomous vehicles, are the future of transportation. Various car brands from all over the world have already expressed great interest in them, mainly because of the transformation that they can bring into the transport industry. These machines depend on sensors to favorably interact with the environment around them. They can be exciting, but terrifying at the same time. Let’s start with the advantages. The following are several positive changes that self-driving cars can bring into our world.

Saving human lives

Studies show that 85% of road accidents are as a result of human mistakes. These include drunken driving, over-speeding, overloading and using mobile phones while on the road. The use of driverless cars can help to curb this problem since no drivers are required. This will reduce the number of human lives that are lost every day due to road fatalities.

Also, their sensory technology can perceive their surroundings and identify problems that can lead to accidents. Their visibility is better than that of other cars. Hence, they are ideal for use even when the weather is unfriendly.

Quick transportation

How late do you get for work due to traffic jams? Autonomous cars can sense the cars that are close by and even communicate with them. With them, road congestions will be a thing of the past. You can comfortably arrive at your destination on time since they will have increased speed limits.


Self-driving cars eliminate driving risks. They can be accessed by people who cannot drive or have been considered to be a danger while on the road. This guarantees not only their safety but also that of other drivers as well as passengers. You can feel secure while in these cars, even when you are underage, unwell or disabled.

Economic advantages

With fewer road crashes, less property is destroyed. Victims of such fatalities do not have to purchase other cars and spend huge amounts of money on medical bills. Driverless cars help to save money that can be used on profitable investments. Consequently, a person who owns an autonomous car can live a better life since they can afford their basic needs and even some luxuries.

Conserving the environment

Self-driving cars are environmentally friendly. They do not have combustion engines like regular vehicles. Instead, they use electricity. This reduces air pollution due to the production of emissions. Activities that lead to their releases, like re-accelerating and braking, are non-existent because these vehicles can maintain safe distances from one another. They also have consistent speeds. This helps to keep our environment safe to support both human and animal life.

Fantastic riding experiences

Another benefit of using driverless vehicles is that they allow the passengers to have great riding experiences. You don’t have to concentrate on what is happening on the road. Instead, you can watch TV, listen to music or chat with your friends as you wait to arrive at your destination. With them, your ride to or from work is something that you can look forward to all day. They also reduce fatigue due to driving over long distances. This means that you can travel overnight and even sleep in your car.

Reduction in car thefts

Autonomous cars are self-aware. This makes stealing them extremely difficult. If you own one, you will not have to worry yourself sick whenever you pack it away from home. There is a high chance that it is safe from burglars and robbers even when you are in an unsafe neighborhood.

Even though, these cars come with some shortcomings.


One of the downsides of using autonomous cars is that they are prone to hacks. Like all computer systems, they come with specifically programmed software. Criminal hackers can take advantage of this to create glitches and errors that can lead to accidents. They can also reprogram the vehicles to do what they want; without the owner’s consent.


There is also a fear that self-driving cars will lead to a massive loss of jobs. Taxi, truck and even Uber drivers will lose their jobs since their services will no longer be required. Thus, they would have to look for other means of earning a living.

There is no doubt that driverless vehicles can change the transportation industry. They can reduce road accidents, environmental pollution and economic loses. They also allow you to enjoy your riding experiences.

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