Globalization in the era of LG

It is not news that smart devices have tremendously increased over the past years bringing with it globalisation. Analysts’ project that by 2020 there will be an ecosystem of over 25 billion connected devices worldwide. This means that much more data will be needed to boost the effectiveness of smart devices.

Secondly, industries will need to innovate and go out of their way to create productivity-boosting devices with the best features.  In addition, the result will be a highly competitive and consumer friendly technology sector. Take for example; the latest LG mobile phone, LG Candy which is equipped with 5.00-inch touchscreen display with a resolution of 720 pixels by 1280 pixels at a PPI of 294 pixels per inch. The LG Candy is powered by 1.3GHz quad-core it comes with 2GB of RAM. These are some of the core features anyone would want to have access to and the reason being is that it is modern and efficient.

Because of these two factors, people are communicating while they are miles apart, timesaving money transaction platforms invented and more people are earning money online. It is these networks of multiple smart devices that has brought people worldwide together to carry different activities be it business or social whenever and wherever hence the fast growth of globalisation.

“With globalization, we at LG are investing in research and development to ensure we introduce to the market smarter and consumer-friendly products. Today, most of our products have in-built artificial intelligence combined with smart capabilities that has helped with the growing adoption. We ensure that all our products not only have an attractive price point but also value the price can deliver,” said LG Electronics East Africa Marketing Manager, Mr. Moses Marji.

However, despite the many advantages of globalisation, it has still brought about some negative factors to society. The most common problem is behavioural addiction. Yes, behavioural addiction to mainly mobile phones, laptops and tablets. Many people will spend the better part of their day looking down on their smart devices. Some could be carrying out healthy activities while some could not. A lot is posted on the internet, be it on Google or on social media platforms, hence having different impacts on different people. Therefore, we should be careful on what we do on our smart devices and how much time we spend on them.

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