Choosing Between The iPhone 7, 8, XR, XS

Millions of people now own and rely upon a smartphone for everyday life. They can talk and interact with the world on a regular basis. The ownership of a smartphone often means that an individual will soon have to find and purchase a new phone. Phones degrade and lose functionality over time. Many potential smartphone users are actively considering iPhones as well. iPhones have a functionality directly connected to their spot on an Apple update continuum. Three popular models currently for iPhone users are the iPhone 7, iPhone 8, and iPhone XR/XS models. All of these models have their potential benefits and drawbacks for the savvy smartphone customer.

iPhone 7

iPhone 7 was a revolutionary model for the iPhone. This model was released in 2016 to a considerable amount of fanfare. It was important for its rejection of the traditional headphone jack that had been a staple of iPhones since their inception. This model used the Lightning collector instead for wireless headphones and also had a telephoto lens and a somewhat smaller size compared to the iPhone 6. The iPhone 7’s price has decreased considerably in recent years.

It is no longer the most advanced model and is mostly overlooked on behalf of newer, more up-to-date iPhone models. As a consequence, that price decrease has also led to a decrease in functionality. iPhone 7s will not be able to run all of the same apps that current iPhones can run. Battery life and speed both decrease over time as well. An individual is trading features for a lower cost when they purchase an iPhone 7 at this time.

iPhone 8

The iPhone 8 is a good mix between versatility and price. It is an older model that was released several years ago and has certain aspects that are extinct. iPhone 8 was announced in 2017 and was the cheaper model announced along with the more expensive iPhone X. This model has a glass back and supports wireless charging. Wireless charging helps phone users avoid some of the issues associated with keeping chargers and charging cables.

An iPhone 8 is also considerably less expensive than many models on the market today. This model has been surpassed by newer technology and smartphone advancements as well. But still, it has a faster speed, better features, and a larger size than many of the iPhone models that came before it.

XR and XS

For individuals who want the most up-to-date products currently on the market, the XR and XS are also available. XR refers to the lower-priced recent update on the iPhone X model. XS is the higher-end model. The main benefits of XS are more capabilities, a larger screen, and a better camera. No matter the model chosen, the XS/XR are clearly the most advanced iPhones on the market today. These models have all of the latest features that the iPhone X pioneered in 2017.

New features include Face ID, wireless charging, and the removal of the home button. The clearest disadvantage of this model is the price. A brand new iPhone XS can be almost twice as much as an iPhone 7 purchased on the market today. The brand new phone may also have certain bugs and kinks that are still being worked out through software patches. Those bugs may cause usability issues that hamper one’s experiences with the phone.


The iPhone 8 is the best current model for its price on the iPhone market today. It has many features, a large amount of storage space, and a relatively low price point compared with new models. This iPhone model also has the capability to take on new software and software updates for several years to come. For anyone on the hunt for a new iPhone, the iPhone 8 should be at the top of one’s list.

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