Infinix is Teasing The Infinix HOT S3X, And It Comes With a Notch

Infinix Mobile is teasing its next device of 2018, and it’s calling it the Infinix HOT S3X. Little is being said about the device, but what we know for sure is that the phone will come with a notch.

The Infinix HOT S3X is being teased a few months after Infinix unveiled a range of new devices in the Kenyan market this year. First came the Infinix HOT 6 Pro which was the first phone from the company to be launched this year, the came the HOT S3 and the latest one being the InfinIx NOTE 5.

But let’s talk about the Infinix HOT S3X which we are not sure when it’s going to be available in the market. It comes with a notch which is now becoming a trend despite critics describing it as the worst part of the iPhone X :). Ever since the iPhone X made the cut-out in the display try to look fashionable, Android smartphone makers have been queuing up to adopt it and looks like we will now be seeing it on budget smartphones.

We are talking so much about the notch since we don’t have much details about the Infinix HOT S3X specs. The notch and rumors of the device having a dual camera setup are just some of the features we can confirm the phone will come with.  

I need to mention that the notch is the outcome of two trends with the first being the shift towards minimal bezels. It will therefore interesting to see Infinix adopt it on this new device.

As we mentioned little is being said about the phone’s specs but we will definitely be sharing any information as soon as we get them.

In the meantime, tell us what you think about having a notch on an Infinix device. Hit or a Miss?

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