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Excellent customer service is very important for running a successful business. Gone are the days when organizations relied on phone-only support. These days, customers expect support to be fast and convenient and that’s why most organisations are now investing in customer service software.

If you are a business owner looking for ways to maximize efficiency, choosing a customer service software is always a difficult task. Not only is there an abundance of software out there, you also have to wade through a lot of options to choose from.

You may have a hundred of questions about the difference between the current customer service software in the market and which one will most appropriately suit your business. During your research, you might have come across different options. Exploring all the possibilities and examining them might take a while. Without actually trying it and paying money for it you can’t understand whether this is an exact match for your business needs, whether all the aspects and needs of your business will be covered.

In this article, I would like to offer you a new solution – Wix Answers. You Have many options there, starting from the free basic version so that you don’t need to pay for anything in advance, and additional options that you can purchase if you will see the need.  As a build it yourself software you can adjust it to your brand style, and your business needs.

Wix Answers was developed by Ltd, an Israeli cloud-based web development platform. Wix Answers includes a Ticketing Software, Knowledge base, and a Call Center – all working seamlessly together. The helpdesk software has been built by the company to support over 120 million users but now it’s available for all the businesses of all sizes.

Wix Answers is an all-in-one customer support solution –  with actionable insights, you’ll get data that can help you better understand your customers and needs.

Key features of the Wix Answers

As earlier mentioned Wix Answers is an all-in-one customer support solution that makes it easier to support customers. Below are its key features.

  1. Knowledge Base

Wix Answers comes with a complete stunning knowledge base where customers can find answers they via support articles, tutorials and FAQs. The intuitive knowledge base software also allows you to create your own articles, FAQs, guides and more.  Why is this important? Wix Answers knowledge base provides an interactive learning environment where customers can clarify and find answers to their questions via readings, discussions and other activities.

Wix Answers knowledge base also lets you create your own branded Help Center for your business. Once you sign up, all you need to do is just choose a template for your Help Center and customize it to suit your business style and needs. You can even add JavaScript to create custom interactions, or edit the CSS for full customization.

You also don’t have to worry about assigning tasks to your team members while using Wix Answer’s knowledge base. The software lets you manage your team’s workflow with an end-to-end management system which lets you assign tasks, and check if and when your team members have actually completed them.

  1. Call Centre

Phone call support has never been this easy thanks to Wix Answer’s Call Center software. The software allows you to set up a toll-free line that customers can use to call in for free and even add a local number for all the countries you operate in making it easier for you to resolve issues faster and more efficiently. All this is done from the same platform you use for your Help Center and Ticketing System which I will be telling you about next.

The Call Center dashboard is not that complicated. Once you log in, you will be able to see all the information you need to see about your customers which includes call waiting time, what inquiries your customers are calling about and also how quickly your agents or staff resolved the call. All this for free. The customer service representatives can also hold and mute calls, add other agents, and transfer seamlessly. In cases of high call volumes, the agents can use call queuing to handle them as well as record the calls to track the agent’s performance.

  1. Ticketing System

Most customers usually don’t care about what’s happening within the organization apart from their own concerns. Having a customer ticketing system for your business enables agents to resolve the issues faster. Wix Answers also offers a ticketing system making it easier for you to communicate with your customers. The software helps you keep track of ticket information, add labels to tickets to your agents. The tickets can also be managed from multiple channels including email, phone, Facebook and more.

Well, as I mentioned at the beginning of this article, good customer service is more important than anything else. Good customer service builds trust and is more important than even sales. Gone are the days when business was all about sales, these days you will need to cater for the new customer and this is where Wix Answers is there to help you.

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