Data Management Tips for Startup Businesses and the Tools You Need

DAM has been referred to as Data Asset Management, which is responsible for organizing creative as well as visual resources of a company. In this age of digitalized technology and communication, businesses can acquire a lot of audiovisual data. With the advent of time and as the business keeps expanding the size of data will start rising. As data size starts expanding, you shall find problems in managing data. This is where you need effective solution or service for DAM or Data Asset Management. This management service has been intended to make your audiovisual data more organized. Eventually, it will help the business owners or management teams to find the right things in the right places.

Companies That Need DAM

Now, the big question is what kinds of companies need Data Asset management service? Well, different companies are there, having a potential requirement for such service. If you are keen to venture with online based business or your business heavily depends on the online transaction or even you spend money as well as time in business management, DAM is essential for you. For startup companies or small-scale businesses, it can be a game changer. It intends providing better management of visual data so that better use of the resources can take place. In the following section, we shall mainly discuss on asset management system through various applications.

Different Types of Data Management Tools

In the first place, we need to learn about different kinds of data management tools. Different types of tools are available in various forms. They offer high-level convenience in data management process.So, here are the types of tools that you should choose for seamless as well as efficient data management.

  • Oracle Data Management Suite: This is a common type of data management suite which provides data management by using company’s data network. Basically, it is known as a scalable solution which intends offering seamlessness in the process of data management to the small-scale enterprises. This type of data management suite is expensive. Nevertheless, it needs technical insight for carrying out integration, maintenance and installation services for this kind of tools.
  • SAP NetWeaver MDM: This is the best data management application that has been used by many users. This type of data management tools is more advanced. Some of the key features include global synchronization, information distribution, centralization, data cleaning, etc.
  • Microsoft Master Data Services:For users, Microsoft has an excellent type of data management tool in the offering. This type of tool has been termed as Master Data Services by Microsoft. This system intends speeding up internal business management process.

Best Data Management Tools

Protecting visual and creative assets of the business house is the most important thing these days. Various advanced and seamless data management tools or software have been used. Some of those popular tools are listed in the following section. The list of tools will help the small businesses. Data management helps controlling inflation. On the other hand, inflation controlling is an essential thing for effective debt management.

  1. Libris

At the top of the list, we have Libris which is more than 2 years old data management tool. This has been considered as the most easy to use and simple to access data management software. Implementation of this tool to an enterprise is simplistic, and that makes the tool quite popular among small-scale businesses. It has no maintenance cost as well. It deals with audio, video and graphics assets of your business. In the year of 2018, Libris has been recognized as one of the most important or crucial data management software or system.

  1. Bynder

According to the survey, many businesses lose the necessary amount of time in finding the data at the time when they are required. It definitely happens due to poor data management system. With Bynder, such worries can be overcome. It gives centralized access system. It can save 70% time of your business when compared with previous business data management setup. Flexible pricing of the software is a significant highlight. It will ensure the best performance for your business.

  1. Cumulus

Cumulus is another robust tool for the purpose data asset management. This software actually aims collaborating various team or departments of a business. Specifically, it integrates the teams which access digital assetsof a business. It also gives access to third parties, like suppliers and distributors. As a result, holistic data management process takes place with this tool.

  1. Webdam

At the fourth spot, we have Webdam which is one of the leading data management systems these days. This software is scalable. From small to large enterprise and even non-profitable organizations can also use this software for the purpose of seamless data management. It is user-friendly, simple to use and highly contemporary. It helps managing resources like logos, digital posters, advertisement materials, website banner, social media profile pictures and other visual assets of a business house.

  1. Brandfolder

Brandfolder is a leading digital asset management tool which actually aims in segregating the media assets in a systematic order. As a result, resources, as well as data assets, can be viewed according to the segmentation. The ultimate aim of using Brandfolder is to guarantee good organization of resources.

Tips for Choosing the Most Appropriate DAM

In order to choose the most appropriate data asset management application or tool, business owners or managers can use the following tips or tricks.

  • Robust data management tools intend offering onsite cloud-based system. Having a cloud-based system will help in better data management. Nevertheless, cloud storage offers higher physical as well as virtual safety to data.
  • Security and controlled access should be the most highlighting part of data management system.
  • A perfect data management system or application should bridge connection between various business departments so that data can be collected from various sources.
  • Binary system and metadata storage are the most critical aspects of the business data management process.

When these things are taken into consideration, the chance of finding or selection robust as well as agile DAM software becomes higher. Apart from all these things, a business has to understand its unique needs for the data asset management system. Choosing a tool or system that perfectly suffices business needs will be the best thing.

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