Opera Touch is Opera’s new browser designed for one-handed use

Opera has today launched a new browser that will make it easier for smartphone users to use with just one hand. The company is calling it Opera Touch available now for Android and iOS. Convenient, if you ask me especially for busy people who do things like shopping or walking while also using their phone.

So how different is Opera Touch? Well, as mentioned earlier the company has worked on the browser navigation and designed it to be used by just one hand, which gives you a more comfortable experience while surfing the web.

‘’We actually moved the browser’s key functions within your thumb’s reach. This means that, unlike in most other browsers, you can now more easily browse and search the web when on the move. ‘’  Maciej Kocemba, product manager at Opera explained.

The first thing you also notice when you open Opera Touch is that the browser starts in search mode and is instantly ready to find things for you on the web with a blinking cursor and keyboard ready for you to type your first search.

You basically don’t have to make any additional moves or taps before you can start searching. ‘’That’s because we know you usually want to quickly find something online and move on with your life’’ Maciej added. This has given the browser a completely new touch.

Something else interesting with the new browser is that you don’t have to type in order to search the web. You can use the voice search function or scan QR or barcode to perform your search. A pretty useful function when you, for instance, see a product you like in shop and want to check its reviews, tutorials or even prices online.

Opera has also added what it is calling the Fast Action Button (FAB) at the bottom of the browser screen on Opera Touch. The button will give you direct access to the most recent tabs and search features. The button simply allows you to navigate through all of the browser’s features with just your thumb.

Opera Flow

Opera has also added many of the desktop browser’s features into Opera Touch, including a built-in ad blocker and protection from cryptojacking, but the most exciting feature added is a syncing tool called Opera Flow.

According to a survey done by the company, 65 percent of users always find themselves sending emails to themselves or friends just to save the link for later reference. They do this because syncing is often too problematic and takes as many as 13 steps to set up.

Opera now wants to save you this hustle with its new feature for you to keep your images, links and videos that you just want to safely share with yourself.

You can add images, links, videos and notes to yourself to your Flow and the other device will immediately see them. You can access them on your other device and the good part is that the Flow is encrypted, private and kept to yourself.

‘’We’ve called this feature Flow and the good part it is it only takes one step to set it up and establish a connection between your mobile and PC browser.’’

Opera flow has been designed to allow you transfer content between desktop and mobile devices and just to let you know, there’s a new version of the Opera desktop that lets you do just that.

You can download the newest version of Opera for PC as well as Touch from that very same page here. 

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