5 Simple Ways to Preserve Data on Your Smartphones

Internet Mobile Data had become too expensive all around the world because of our consuming data ability. Nowadays everyone uses smartphones and, without an internet connection Smartphones are like dummy phones. Hence we all need to save data so that in the minimum data we can have maximum net surfing.

Google has provided some tips for Android users to “worry less about exceeding your data limit” Here in this blog, I will tell you 5 Simple Ways to preserve data on your Smart Phone, Interesting! Keep reading.

1.Always switch ON to Chrome Data Save Mode

By putting this feature ON, it will reduce the amount of data used by your Android Phone or Computer. This makes the browser to download the webpage or load the page quickly and easily by removing the active advertisement. Also, it helps to compress the web page to remove images during loading time in a slow connection. Hence you can save up to 77% more data.


2.Use Offline mode to watch YouTube videos

Make sure that you watch offline videos more frequently rather than using data and wasting your MB on frequent videos. This helps to save data and buffering time which mostly consumes more data for each video.


3.Use Google Maps without turning mobile data on

Maybe you are in regular places, neighborhood or any weekend destinations, there’s a simple way to use Google Maps without turning mobile data ON. Download an area of the world and effectively and easily use Maps features like turn-by-turn navigation. By this, you can smartly access the useful location details and information without an internet connection.


4.Filter out the Data Intensive Applications

Identify and remove the Mobile application which is always working in the background and wasting your mobile data. These Apps are mostly those which are hardly used by you. Remove them as soon as possible, and this can be done by following the below mentioned steps

  • Go to Settings
  • Select Data Usage
  • Delete the unwanted apps
  • Exit


5.Always disable auto –Update feature

Never forget to disable the auto-update feature because it consumes the maximum amount of your Mobile data for unwanted or unused applications. This not only consumes the mobile data but can harm your crucial data files, audios, videos, images and even important documents saved on your phones. If your data got corrupt and become unreadable and inaccessible you can download the Sysinfo Photo Recovery Tool by this software, by which you can easily access all your important data without affecting the original content within a second.

We all know that “preservation is better than cure” so follow the simple steps which are enlisted below to disable the auto update for apps

  • Go to Settings
  • Select Auto-update apps
  • Select Do not auto-update apps

Final Verdicts

These are the simple hacks to Preserve Data on Your Smart Phone. Try to use them accordingly in your daily routine and experience the extra hamper of free internet pack in your Smart Phones. Hope you have like the post and will use the given tips too.

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