Apple Hysteria and Its Change In Pricing: Scaling To A $1000 iPhone

The iPhone is one of the most exciting pieces of technology that we have witnessed in our lifetimes, and it only keeps evolving. Love it or hate it, you have to admit that the iPhone is undoubtedly an exceptional product, if only in how it flies off of the shelves of stores every year like clockwork.

Why is this the case though? Previously, such queues and hysteria only accompanied significant fashion launches, with people waiting hours in lines to possibly get their hands on a new collaboration between labels. This brings us to our point that the iPhone bridges the gap between fashion and technology.

iPhone’s Necessity

The iPhone has essentially become an accessory. When you see characters in movies, 90% of the time they are using an iPhone as a cell phone due to the brand recognition and the stylish design.

Over the course of today’s article, we are going to be using Meilleur Hebergeur Web’s infographic about iPhone profits to explain how they have evolved over the years.

Just how much money is Apple making off of their popular gadget? With the help of Meilleur Hebergement Web, we will do that. This infographic from contains all main iPhone models over the past decade, only excluding the “Plus” models for the sake of brevity.

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