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Facebook is now offering free audio tracks and sound effects for video makers.

Are you a content creator and always worried about uploading videos on Facebook or Instagram that contains copyrighted music? Well, you will have to worry less now. Facebook has announced that it is now offering a selection of free music and sound effect to content creators.

Known as Facebook Sound Collections, the feature gives you access to thousands of free high-quality audio tracks and sound effects from all over the world for your videos. These sounds are owned by Facebook and are free and clear to use in any videos you create and share on Facebook and Instagram.

‘’Sound is a key ingredient in videos — it can instantly change the mood, build suspense, or evoke emotion. We’ve heard that you want an easier way to find sound effects and music to use in your videos, and that’s why we’re launching the Facebook Sound Collection.’’  Facebook said in a statement. This Facebook adds that this is part of its broader commitment to providing video creators with the various tools they need to grow on Facebook.

In the Sound Collection, you’ll find tracks from established composers and songwriters and a range of sound effects. You can also discover a mix of songs, vocals, noises, and instrumental tracks spanning genres like hip hop, pop, jazz, country, and more.

‘’ With the collection, we’re also launching easy-to-use discovery tools so that you can learn about different artists, follow the ones you like, and browse sounds by genre, mood, length, and vocals to find tracks you like for your videos.’’

Facebook’s sound collection will be rolled out to everyone over the next few days with Facebook promising to add more tracks to it. In the meantime, you can check the Facebook sound collection here.


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