5 major facts that could drastically increase your conversion rate

Conversion rate optimization is a systematic process of increasing the percentage of your website’s visitors into customers or potential clients by making changes to your overall website for the visitors to take the desired action on a certain page within the website.

Have a look at these 5 extremely effective hacks from Website Builder for drastically increasing your conversion rates.

Using live chat

Customer service is crucial to any kind of business, live chat creates a good rapport with visitors as they feel like the customer service is just a chat away curbing the long emails that sometimes go unresponded.Adding live chat to your website also helps your customers and new visitors to communicate with you in real has been able to increase its conversion by 20% and sales by 211% after adding a live chat to their website.

Websites with live chat are cost efficient they increase a customer’s order value. Customers are able to get helpful insight on products first-hand matching to their interests.

You will be able to understand your customer’s needs and create a deeper relation.

Making your website mobile friendly

Mobile phones are used by a majority of people, especially in this digital age.

People use their mobile devices to access the web so having your website online and available for people to browse is a plus, but making sure they have a happy experience browsing on your website without lagging, or other issues is essential to keep them scrolling through. Walmart received a 20% increase in conversion rate after making their website mobile friendly.

A mobile-friendly website will also increase your search ranking with Google as they prioritize mobile-friendly sites.

Using a trust seal

A trust seal is one of the key elements used to establish the legitimacy of a website.

A third-party trust seal company usually collects data from the website to confirm that the business is authentic.

Trust companies offer customers a level of security because their private card details remain protected during a purchase.This makes the customer feel safe that they are making purchases from a worthy source. Company websites without a trust seal are missing the opportunity to score more sales and increase trust among customers. is one of the companies that have seen increased conversion rate due to the addition of a trust seal with a 2.7% increase.

Using high-quality product images

Websites selling physical products are advised to use high-quality images for their products. This is because it gives the customer a virtual feel of how the products look in real life.High-quality product images make the client see every aspect of the products and see if it meets their needs it also make the product look more attractive and presentable to the client leading to a purchase.

Low-resolution images may turn off a possible client as they feel the product may not meet their expectations.

Placing promo code on homepage

Promo codes are special codes given out to customers offering a certain percentage discount on a price.Many customers are drawn to promo codes as they help in making their overall purchase affordable. Promo codes that are strategically placed on the homepage gives a visitor the urge to make a purchase and utilize the given promo code on the website. increased their conversions by 6% by using promo codes banner ads.

All in all, it is vital that every website gets optimized in order to make the user experience smooth and reliable leading to happy visitors who may end up making purchases increasing sales.


46 Conversion Rate Optimization Hacks (Infographic)

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