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Twitter now lets you create much longer display names – 50 characters

Twitter has really been preoccupied with making everything lengthy lately. Just the other day it finally rolled out the 280 character limit to everyone and now it also wants your Twitter display name to be longer too.

The company has announced that starting today your Twitter display name can be up to 50 characters in length. Previously you were only limited to 20 characters, which most us were really comfortable with, but now you have 50 characters to work with.

So now Twitter says you can add that middle name or a few emojis to your name.


As I said most us of were really comfortable with the 20 characters, but of course, this new update is welcome for people who have long names. In some languages and cultures even here in Africa names often go past 20 characters, so definitely they will like this.

Just remember this is only for your display name, not your @user name. To change your display name, head over to your profile, tap on ‘Edit Profile’ on the right side of your page, and then click on your current name, add your names and save.

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