Key Factors To Consider When Listing Property Online

The world is becoming a digital hub and with the advancement in technology customers can get everything at the click of a button. The Internet provides a 360-degree approach in the real estate markets through provision of information on property, analysis and trends, online transactions and real-time auctions.

The Internet is greatly diversifying real estate products as companies structure their operations to remain relevant in the digital age. Jumia House Kenya Kilonzo Kivuitu, Key Account Manager says:“With the increasing number of people looking for houses online, agents and developers need to create a listing that is attractive to the potential tenant or buyer.”

Kilonzo added that it is important to note that when the agents need to make the listing unique and attractive. Here are the key things agents should consider when listing a property.

Accessibility; When listing property online, avoid cliché by saying “great location,” rather quote what makes your property ideal. For instance, say, “ten minutes away from the Central Business District” or mention a social amenity that would boost your property. If the location is not working for your property say the features that stand out on your property that will attract the potential tenants/buyers to your property. This will lure people to your property and not becoming an ordinary listing on the website.

Utilities; let the potential buyer know what’s on the property. Give detailed description on water supply, borehole, and electricity and if a backup is provided. These are the common utilities potential buyers or tenants look out for in addition to playing grounds for children, parking spaces and lifts for a multiple floored apartment. With the increasing digital space provision of internet is important and cable TV connection.

Security; it is important to highlight on security that the property is providing. Mention all the security parameters such manned 24-hour entrance which also serves as the exit, CCTV cameras, intercom and an electric fence. This will boost your property’s security profile and if there’s a police post within the vicinity it’s worthwhile mentioning it. With the heightened insecurity, it is important to note on the security of your property when listing property online. 

Incentives; human nature is driven by incentives. If there’s a sale on the property or incentive you are offering, mention it on the listing. This will be enticing to the potential been aware of the benefits for renting/buying the said property.

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