6 Kenyan Startups among the DEMO Africa 2017 30 finalists

6 Startups from Kenya have made it to the list of the final 35 startups from 28 African countries that will launch their ideas at the DEMO Africa 2017 conference in Johannesburg, South Africa.

The startups were picked from a record 956 digital startups from that applied to launch at the event to be held from 23rd to 24th November 2017.

South Africa is represented by 8 startups, Nigeria 7, and 2 each from Ghana and Zimbabwe. Cameroun, Uganda, Morocco, Tanzania, and Senegal have 1 entry each.

“The entries this year certainly kept up with the DEMO Africa spirit to produce innovative and creative ideas that are bound to transform the technology landscape and we are excited by the growth of innovation and technological advancement in Africa as portrayed by our finalists,” said Harry Hare, DEMO Africa Executive Producer while congratulating the finalists.

The final 30 companies have products in 10 verticals including logistics, retail, e-commerce, education, fintech, media, renewable energy, and health. Banking and financial technologies (Fintech) had the highest number of tries followed by media and e-commerce.

The DEMO Africa 2017 conference it is expected to attract venture capitalists, Angel Investors, investment fund managers tech buyers, entrepreneurs, innovation supporters & media from various parts of the world.

Below is the full list of the 30 DEMO Africa 2017 finalists:

  1. Temateq, Cameroun, Media – Gaming
  2. Bisa, Ghana, Health
  3. KudiGo Inc, Ghana, Fintech,
  4. Chimera IoT LLC, Kenya, Cleantech
  5. Shield Enterprise, Kenya, Fintech
  6. ZOA Tech Limited, Kenya, Fintech
  7. Daktari Africa, Kenya, Health
  8. Taz Technologies, Kenya, Logistics
  9. Optimetriks, Kenya, Retail
  10. SOS SANTE, Morocco, Health
  11. Mobile Forms Africa, Nigeria, Research
  12. Atele Advanced Solutions, Nigeria, Energy
  13. Peachwater Consulting, Nigeria, Energy
  14. Suvenia, Nigeria, eCommerce
  15. Medsaf, Nigeria, Health
  16. Pepperest, Nigeria, Fintech
  17. GoSpot, Nigeria, Media
  18. JokkoText, Senegal, eCommerce
  19. Airbuy, South Africa, Retail
  20. K Measure Pty Ltd, South Africa, EdTech
  21. Picadoo, South Africa, eCommerce
  22. Spazapp, South Africa, eCommerce
  23. Tapsnapp, South Africa, eCommerce
  24. FinChatBot, South Africa, Fintech
  25. Intelligent Routing, South Africa, Logistics,
  26. Rooster, South Africa, Media
  27. A-Trader, Tanzania, Fintech
  28. Sellio, Uganda, eCommerce
  29. Dadala, Zimbabwe, Fintech
  30. Round Shopper, Zimbabwe, eCommerce
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