Report: Consumer popularity of Samsung phones sored as TV and laptop business reaped less during elections period

Consumer popularity of Samsung phones soared the whole of Q2 2017, beating HTC. The value of Samsung mobile phones as of July 2017 amounted to Ksh 1.6 Million, which was 15.5% of the total mobile phone listings on the market place. This is according to data from Data Fintech, a Kenyan consumer data broker, based on data collected on Pigiame, the second largest online marketplace in Kenya.

The data further shows that Samsung’s popularity outdid HTC’s for the entire Q2-2017. In Q1-2017, HTC’s popularity rose to battle Samsung topping it two-thirds of the Q1-2017.  

On the mobile phone dealers front, the total stock value of Samsung phones listed in July 2017 represented 15.5% of the total mobile phone listings with HTC accounting for 7.6%.

In terms of phone dealers stock both Samsung and HTC accounted for 37% of the phone listings in value in the Ksh 20k-40k price segment in July 2017. The wallet share of the two brands in this segment is higher than in the total stock value since both brands play a bigger role in the mid-range price segment.

Samsung mobile phone dealers were also down at 29 in July 2017, a 14.7% decrease compared to dealers who listed the brand in April 2017. HTC mobile phone dealers, on the other hand, were 14 in July 2017, a 42.6% decrease compared to dealers who listed the brand in April 2017.

Television and Laptop business affected during elections period

Hisense has maintained the fourth position in most popular television set brand in Kenya during the entire Q2 2017.

The report also highlighted how television and laptop business in Kenya was affected during the elections period. The study found out that there was has been a major drop in the volume of television sets in the marketplace. Hisense, which was leading the market earlier in the year has dropped by 14.9% in value on the marketplace to reach Ksh 8.9 million.

In fact, data shows that in April and May 2017 there was an average of 3,147 television sets on the Pigiame online marketplace, whose volume amounted to an average of Ksh 192 million. However, June 2017 saw a huge drop in both stock and volume with only 1,800 television sets.

Hisense is the fourth most popular brand in the Kenyan television market in 2017 and accounts for 11.5% of the total televisions sets listed on the marketplace in H1- 2017. The Ksh. 20k-40K segment has the highest number of listings with 37.4% of the total listings with the Ksh. over 40K segment second with 30.3% in H1-2017.

Simultaneously, laptops stock has dropped from 2,844 units in May 2017 to 844 units in June 2017 and mobile phones stock reached 2,358 units in June 2017, despite a monthly average of 3,500 units in the last three months.

Electronic dealers are not restocking in June 2017 deciding to adopt a wait and see attitude in the wake of the 2017 elections.

The study has been realized by Data Fintech, a Kenyan consumer data broker, based on data collected on Pigiame Kenya, the second largest online classifieds marketplace in Kenya. 

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