How To Make Money Online In Kenya

  1. Help Companies with easy surveys and research

Kenya is one of the most exciting places in the world. Many companies want to understand how we live and to launch their products and services here. The good news is you can get paid for helping them! By completing surveys, answering questions and taking part in research, you can receive free airtime or money.

For example, at the moment Caribou Digital Data is running a 3-month study to collect information on how people use their mobile phone each day, and as a reward for taking part, you will receive free airtime!

When you sign up, you will get:

  • 500 Kenyan Shillings airtime within 72 hours of downloading their app.
  • Another 500 Kenyan Shillings air time after you’ve had the app on your phone for 3 months and their study is complete.

You can join the study right now by signing up here

  1. Copywriting

If you think you have the skills to be a copywriter, try writing a couple of articles and submit them to various article directories. Pitch your ideas and show your writings to marketers, bloggers and start writing for them! Moreover, try to find copywriters jobs on freelance platforms.  

  1. Stock Photos

Make a few great photos and sign up on a couple of websites that sell stock photos online. Research what type of photos are trending at the moment and try to make yours the most creative! Once you’re in, keep up the good work and make photography your hobby, and a form of passive income as well.  

  1. Social Media Guru

Love posting on social media? Get lots of likes and comments? Your posts go viral? Why don’t do it for clients and earn from it? Try to be creative as possible and gain a lot of followers and likes. Once you create a large social following you can join an online influencer network to start earning from your posts. Alternatively, you can approach brands or marketing agencies directly and offer your services to them.  

  1. Affiliate

If you have “sales skills”, you are friendly and love to work with people, then becoming an affiliate is the right job for you! Help other companies sell their products or services (online) and gain the percentage from each sale. Sounds hard? Well, why not try and maybe get surprised! A good place to start is speaking with small, local producers who are more likely to need help with their sales and have less of a formalized sales strategy in place. Offer to help sell their products in return for a commission on each sale. You can then do anything from promoting them on social media to your friends to writing blog posts online about them, or even sending emails directly to people who you think might want to buy the product!

As you can see, there are lots of different ways you can money or rewards online in Kenya, some of them easier than others. From creating an online business selling other people’s products to just answering surveys, it can be easier to create an extra income online in minutes. Remember, to get 500 Kenyan Shillings airtime now, sign up to Caribou Digital Data’s 3-month study by easily downloading their app here. Good luck!

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