Do you want to sell property online?

As people move toward a more digital existence, real estate agents must adapt and be visible where buyers and sellers spend their time online providing leads with the information they need to select you as their guide throughout the home buying and selling process.

Yvonne Malebe, head of accounts at Jumia House gives some pointers on this :

  1.  Give your website a checkup

Every marketing activity you undertake should drive traffic to your website; ( Doing SEO is highly advised to your website)if your website doesn’t deliver an optimal experience, you risk missing opportunities to attract and convert leads.

  1. Get some drip campaigns going

Drip campaigns automate and standardize tasks that can supplement your other marketing activities and increase their impact. Use email drip campaigns for a variety of chores: For example, use them to stay in touch with leads and past clients, manage your list, send out market reports, remember deadlines, remind clients to write you a review, and more.

  1. Start a blog

Nothing establishes your position as a real estate authority like authoring a blog.  Delivered on a consistent basis, compelling and engaging blog content—even re-purposed posts that you refresh and reuse—can attract any number of followers and increase your online presence. Don’t forget to reply to every single comment left on your website or blog, whether it’s good, bad or neutral.

  1. Digitize your newsletter

The electronic format makes it easy to send your newsletter to a new lead at the drop of a hat. Your newsletter can link to your website and drive traffic there. Spot an error? If you need to make an update or correction, you can tweak and repost your newsletter in minutes. An electronic version of your newsletter eliminates the costs of paper, envelopes, and postage.

  1. Advertise online

Websites like Jumia, Buy rent Kenya, Property24 offer a variety of online advertising options for nearly any budget and make it easy to get started and maintain your profile. You can also advertise on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, and on search engines like Google and Bing. Use their analytics to track the effectiveness of your campaigns and easily make on-the-fly changes if they don’t perform.

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