The Infinix S2 with Dual Front Cameras Coming on April 10th

It’s that time of the year that you would expect so much noise on the internet about Infinix Mobile launching a new device. The company has found a way of surprising us by launching a new device close to after every three months.

However, this time round, we were not even sure about the next device the Infinix will be launching.

In fact, there has not been any official talk concerning the next device and even features of the next Infinix Android smartphone in 2017. Well, could the company be planning to be more secretive this year, well, maybe?

An insider Infinix, however, tells us that the company is launching its next device on April 10th. Yes, you heard me, that’s like in about three weeks. So, what device are we looking at? Well, at the same time last year, Infinix launched the HOT 3, this means we are looking at a  device in the HOT series. The last device we saw in this series was the HOT S, which we wrote so much about here including a full review.

Now, the company plans to unveil what is calling the Infinix S2, the successor of the HOT S.  As you noticed the company is dropping the ‘HOT’ making us wonder about the future of the Infinix HOT series.  Well, that’s a story for another day, let us tell you what we know about the Infinix S2.

So should we be excited about the Infinix S2? I believe we should. Infinix says it has made some massive improvements to this device though the company still remains secretive about the details.

What we have been able to gather online though is that the phone will feature dual front cameras, 13MP and 8MP, to be exact, something which has now become so popular with smartphones these days.  The back camera, on the other hand, will be 13MP. So if you love cameras then you should be among the people who should really look forward to getting your hands on the Infinix S2. Remember the company also promised us that all its future devices will feature a finger sensor, so expect to have this on the Infinix S2.

Details about the device are still very scanty but keep visiting for more updates. We will, however, keep sharing more leaks and specs ahead of the launch on April 10th.

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