How Mobile Technology and Application can help improve your fleet operations

Mobile technology is exactly what the name implies – technology that is portable. This technology is being used everywhere including in the fleet management and vehicle tracking space. While most fleets already have a comprehensive fleet management software solution, there are many more technologies or add-ons available today that are being used to improve fleet operations. They include mobile technologies.

Mobile technology is now more important than ever. It plays a large role in the future of fleet. More and more people within the fleet industry need and want technology on their phones or tablets to help them complete fleet related tasks on-the-go.

More people are also increasingly accessing the internet through mobile phones, which is playing an increasingly important role in the future of business.  In fact, Deloitte’s 16th TMT Predictions report highlights advances in mobile networking and device technology in 2017. Fleet owners should, therefore, expect mobile fleet management solutions to grow increasingly popular as fleets work to make their drivers’ lives easier.  These technologies, also play a very important role in improving vehicle maintenance.

A screenshot of the Arvento Mobile application

Safetrac Limited’s Arvento mobile application, for example, enables fleet owners to track their vehicle via the application. You can view all online and retrospective movements of your vehicle and receive all alarm reports through it. This saves time and labor and ensures tracking and control of your vehicle no matter where you are as long as you are an Arvento system user.

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Arvento Mobile Systems was the first fleet telematics provider in the world to provide the mobile app. Thanks to Arvento’s Android and iOS application, your vehicle is with you everywhere you go.

Arvento continues to facilitate life by means of the mobile applications it develops. From the comfort of your living room or even when you are stuck in traffic, the recently upgraded app ensures that you can track and control your vehicle just the same way you would do it using the web software. This helps in saving time and effort.

The app also allows you to view all online and retrospective movements of your vehicle and receive any and all alarm reports you may wish instantly. You can generate journey playbacks, live tracking and generate system reports just and access up to eight different maps on the app. You must, however, be a Safetrac Limited system user to use this application.

Mobile technology has evolved tremendously in ways which benefit businesses and their fleet. With smartphones or tablets, companies can employ active fleet monitoring without the need to buy additional equipment. This, in the end, helps the company make meaningful operational and financial decisions and also make their fleet a brand asset instead of a liability.

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