#CES2017: Meet Xiaomi’s Mi TV 4, 30% thinner than an iPhone.

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2017 is finally happening. It’s one of the biggest tech events we are always looking forward to expecting tech giants to introduce new devices and technologies in the market.  Of course, there’s a lot we will be telling you about this event to keep you updated on what new products being unveiled.

Let’s first tell you about the new Xiaomi that is TV thinner than an iPhone that is just one of the newly unveiled products at the CES.  Xiaomi is known for its budget smartphones that pack high-end features, although we have not seen much of these smartphones here in Kenya. But the unveiling of the new Mi TV 4 is a clear indication that the company wants to branch out into other products categories, which it was so keen to show off at the CES 2017.

The Mi TV 4, will come in three sizes (45, 55 and 65 inches) and it’s only 4.9 mm wide at its thinnest point. The back of the Mi TV 4 features a brushed metal cover with transparent stand.  Xiaomi is using an AI-driven system and its PatchWall UI for the Operating System.


“One our biggest innovations in building smart TVs is our approach to building modular TVs,” Hugo Barra, Global VP at Xiaomi said. The Mi TV 4 is the company’s thinnest TV to date. Barra added that the new Xiaomi Mi TV 4 is also the first TV in its lineup to incorporate the Dolby Atmos audio technology for cinema-grade experience.

Unlike other TVs which come with the display and motherboard in a single package, the Xiaomi’s Mi TV 4 is modular, allowing users to swap out motherboards just in case they want to upgrade it

The Mi TV 4 also includes a soundbar that actually features all of the TV’s ports. Xiaomi then uses a single cable to connect the bar to the TV.

Xiaomi hasn’t did not talk much about the pricing details for the Mi TV 4, though Barra promised it to be “well under” $2,000.


Featured image source: TechCrunch

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