Christmas On Shoe-String Budget: Make Merry on the Cheap!

The festive season does not only call for time to spend time with friends and family, but also our budgets tend to pack in extra pennies to foot the bills that come with the season. However, budget estimates for the festivity are not always met; while some tend to blow up some good buck on annual experiences, some work hard to stay sane, and spare themselves of the spender’s remorse that begets most come the new year. As we welcome daily surging numbers of vacationers, Travel Advisors at offer a few tips to help you manage the season, and make merry without breaking the bank.

Focus on Affordability Not Desirability

Christmas is traditionally viewed as a time to give, share and make merry. What we all seem to forget is that this comes with an attached cost. The key factor is to plan your expected expenditure ahead of the season rush. Once you have figured out your gift and giveaway list, work on cost estimates that you are comfortable with and check around for a sale or a bargain shop where you can get items on the best price.

Gift the Kids Appropriately

Kids are not fussy about price tags, they mostly desire something fun and easy. Do not overstretch yourself trying to get the most expensive item on the rack, rather, look for something that will tickle their playful nature and is age-appropriate.

Take Advantage of the Sales

The festive period offers prime opportunities for best annual sales, clearance discounts, and promos. Think about what you need ahead of time, list it down and arm yourself with the best shopping discipline tips before you step out to the malls and markets. If buying online, or when buying holidays and hotel stays, ensure that you book or order within the stipulated time to avoid disappointment. For instance, if you plan to enjoy a safari, or purchase a  beach stay voucher or Christmas weekend getaway treat for a friend, Jumia Deals, which runs between Wednesday and Friday every week will be a great stat for season bargains. Everything said, do not forget that, anything is cheap when purchased on impulse.

Be Each Other’s Secret Santa

You can consider doing a potluck Christmas party with friends and family if the cost of single hosting proves too hefty. While at it, make a plan to exchange gifts amongst yourselves by playing each other’s’ Santa. This ensures that everyone within your circle receives a gift, yet no one will be required to buy gifts twice, while at the same time bringing in some fun aspect into the party.

Handmade Gifts

The best gift I received last Christmas was my daughter’s handmade loom band necklace, Christmas card. Though these three items are certainly nowhere close to off-the-shelf gifts conventionally associated with the season, the whole gesture, the emotion and handiwork put into the same was and is still worth much more. Remember too that it doesn’t have to be crafted to be good enough, you can consider baking fresh bread, cookies or even preparing special cocktails for friends as the season favors. Your talent, time and skills will make one of the most special gifts.

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