Great News! Dasheroo is not shutting down, it just got acquired

A couple of months ago, Dasheroo, the business analytics software platform announced that it was closing down. I was one of the people who was disappointed since it’s one of my best analytics platform I have been using to collect metrics for the different social media pages I manage.

Dasheroo was founded by Vertical Response co-founders Janine Popick and her husband John Hingley. The reason why it was closing was because of what the founders say was the inability to secure funding or locate a buyer.

‘’It is with a heavy heart that we must share that Dasheroo has been unable to secure the necessary financing or find an acquirer to continue our growth,” the announcement said. “As a result, we are unable to continue our operations.”

Well, it now appears that Dasheroo is not shutting down. The company just got a bunch of interest from companies wanting to acquire it.

‘’I know we’ve been quiet since announcing that we were winding down, but some great things have happened since we made that announcement in early October.’’ the company said in a blog post. ‘’It turns out we got a bunch of interest from companies wanting to acquire Dasheroo for our expertise in helping businesses manage their KPIs,’’

Dasheroo says it will be making an official announcement with more details on Tuesday, December 6.

For Dasheroo users who were previously on a paid plan prior to September 30, the company says it will be extending its original promise of free service to December 15 until December 31st, 2016.

Dasheroo provides a cost-effective solution to a real problem, that of monitoring a business’s vital signs . This includes sales and leads numbers, marketing campaign performance, inventory levels and so forth.

The company’s dashboard concept that provides at-a-glance insights into vital data points. Users could also go further to get more detail on specific metrics across a range of dates, to identify trends.

For now, let’s wait for more details come Tuesday 6th on the Dasheroo’s comeback.

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