My Insight launches SMS based Counseling Service

My Insight has announced the launch of Kenya’s first SMS counseling and Guidance service. Using the platform, users will be able to text an SMS with their issues to 22492 and receive answers from wherever they are.

According to My Insight, the service is an easy and effective way to get answers from a professional Counselor while at the same time ensuring anonymity and confidentiality.

“Sometimes people are more comfortable getting such services in the privacy of their homes or villages and with this new technology, My Insight is making counseling on a wide range of issues available to them, quickly and securely,” said Ms. Cellina Alisi from My Insight.

The pilot project will connect Kenyans with a pool of professionally trained counselors with vast experience in psychological therapy and training. The professionals will  address a variety of issues such as relationships, love, marriage, careers, loss and bereavement, workplace dynamics, HIV, stigma, and discrimination among others.

The company says there are circumstances which make it difficult for people to attend the counseling service. These reasons may include counselor accessibility especially for people living in rural areas. “In some cases, it may simply be a matter of one’s reluctance to attend face-to-face counseling because they perceive that it is easier to stay anonymous” Ms. Alisi expounds.

The service which is available country wide will provide accessible support for all ages. To get connected to a counselor users will have to text 22492. The counselors will be available between am and 5 pm. If the Counsellor decides that you need further help, they will direct you on how to access such help.

Launched in August 2016, My Insights provides psychological, social and emotional support to those in need by offering counseling and guidance, education and advice.

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