You can now use Skype without creating an account or downloading the client

Skype is probably one of the best services Microsoft ever introduced. And now, the company wants to make is easier to use, without the need have a full account. Microsoft has now made it possible for users to easily connect with other users on Skype by simply joining as guests.

‘’By joining Skype as a Guest, you can quickly chat, voice or video call without any hassle.’’ The company said in a blogpost.

To get started, one head over to, tap start a conversation and add your name. Skype will then provide with a unique conversation link. You can share this link with your contacts—either individually or as a group—via email or via your social networks. Once they click on the link, they’ll be able to join your conversation immediately. They can also join as a Guest if they’re using Skype for Web.

Microsoft will let you invite up to 300 people to chat, while up to 25 people on voice and video calls all for free.

‘’Best of all, you can still enjoy all of Skype’s free features, including one to one and group instant messaging, voice and video calls, screen sharing and even file sharing—so everyone can join the fun! You can invite up to 300 people to chat and up to 25 people on a voice or video call, all for free.’’ The company said

To start a conversation as a Guest, you’ll need to use a web browser from a computer. Anyone can also join the conversation from any Skype client or as a Guest using Skype for Web.

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