Samsung could be working on a foldable phone, like your wallet

We are still trying to get over the recent reports of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 devices exploding. Samsung itself is still clueless about what caused the explosions, that forced the company to suspend the Galaxy Note 7 production. This might have caused some massive losses to Samsung, but it looks like the company is not giving up on the production of new phones.

Samsung seems to be having a very ambitious plan for its future phones. According to a report published on the Galaxy Club, Samsung has filed a patent application for the development of its first foldable smartphone.


The application shows a slim Samsung phone with horizontal lines across the body. The phone can be bent at these lines.

Another folded design looks very much like a wallet, this means you can actually fold the phone same way you do with your wallet.


‘’The images we see different computer renders a handy phone that can be folded and in the lowered position provides a very elongated screen – a familiar concept, but very tangible in this kind of pictures.’’ The report reads.


The publication of a patent application was filed in April this year, and is called  Flexible Electronic Device ( PDF ).

Well, at least we now have an idea of what awaits us when Samsung finally decides to unveil its first foldable smartphone. Hopefully, this will be in 2017.

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