Safetrac partners with Arvento to deliver World-Class fleet management Technology Solutions in Kenya

A few months after announcing its plans to launch in Kenya, Safetrac Limited has announced a  partnership with Arvento to provide advanced fleet management solutions to consumers in the East African Region. Arvento is one of the world’s largest vehicle tracking and fleet management companies in the world.

This partnership according to the two companies is expected to spark innovation and additional R&D in the transport and logistics sector in Kenya. It will do this by maximizing on the product development talents and resources at both companies while driving scale and efficiency in the partners’ respective supply chains.

“Vehicle tracking and fleet management solutions are one of the biggest players in the world of data sourcing and mobile technologies that can help the fleet owners have much better and effective control of their fleet,” said Mr. Alparslan Kurtulus, Arvento Deputy General Manager, International Operations and Business Development. “Regardless the number of vehicles you have in your company, if you are using them for any kind of operations for your own business, be sure that, fleet operation expenses, i.e ; fuel consumption, maintenance , tyres etc. cumulatively take a major portion of your total operation costs. If you can control these expenses and vehicle utilisation, you can have significant savings that can help you in reducing your operational costs. ”

The transport and logistics sector in Kenya accounts for about 8-9% of GDP and it is likely to remain a major driver of economic growth in the country. To improve this advanced technology and innovation are key to the future of the sector as well as enhance efficiency, profitability, and reliability for consumers.

Mr. Peter Echessah, CEO of Safetrac Limited, Said, “Safetrac utilizes superior European Technology that delivers efficient accurate and robust tracking solutions. We provide fleet operators with visibility into vehicle location, fuel usage, speed and mileage and other insights into their mobile workforce, enabling them to reduce their operating costs and increase their revenues. We pride ourselves as the only company in Kenya doing Private Cargo Tracking (without KRA Interest), a unique solution that monitors Tippers’ Dumper behaviors and a competent marketing team who can analyze and offer solutions profitably.”

The partnership is a strong strategic fit, leveraging the two leading companies’ respective strengths, across the region. In addition, Safetrac has launched a training center to support fleet managers in the country who are willing to incorporate technology in their day to day fleet management.

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