Review: Topaz PP-80AR Power Bank, beautifully designed

When you are always on the go, the last you want to have is your smartphone battery low or even completely empty on battery.  If you are one of those people like me who largely depend on your handheld device not having enough battery charge can be a very big disaster.

How else would you keep in touch with your networks when your phone dies on you? With that in mind, getting a portable power bank for your smartphone or any other device can be of great help. Again choosing the right power bank has always been a problem, especially for techies like me.

Well, we have the Oraimo Topaz PP-80AR Power Bank, probably the most interesting power bank with a very interesting design concept.

Below are the specifications:

  • Name: Topaz PP-80AR
  • Battery capacity: 8000mAh
  • Input Voltage: 5V/2A
  • Output Voltage: 5V/2.1A



First things first, I love the fact that the Topaz PP-80AR power bank is very light, unlike other power banks in the market currently. I always prefer carrying light devices, so the power bank really worked for me.  

Something else that also struck me is the beautiful design it was given. It is a well-designed product, and it’s obvious from handling it that lots of thought and work went into building it. I loved the svelte profile the manufacturers gave to it and topped it up with rounded corners and an amazingly smooth finish.

I loved the USB Port, here’s why?

The Topaz PP-80AR has a USB port has a reversible USB port located just at the top of the power bank. Being reversible, you do not have to worry about connecting  it wrongly to your smartphone. I found this interesting, for a power bank.


I have always not been the idea of power banks having two or more USB ports unless it has a really high capacity, let’s say 16000mAh. The Topaz PP-80AR has one USB port  making it a good companion for your smartphone and also compatible with the most popular devices.

Charging input and Output

The Topaz PP-80AR power bank has one USB port has a battery capacity of 8000mAh. Took me close to four hours to charge it from zero  to full charge during my test. The output rating is 2.1A so this should be able to handle your smartphone or even tablet pretty well. Usually, smartphones need an output between 0.5A and 1A , while tablets need at least 1A to 2A. In short, the higher the ampage the faster your device charges. Expect the Topaz PP-80AR  to handle any of those devices. But again maybe the manufacturers should have considered giving it a higher output rating, especially at this time when mobile phone manufacturing are really embracing fast charging technology for smartphones.

Conclusion, Price, and verdict

Overall, I loved the Topaz PP-80AR power bank and must admit it must be one of the best power banks in town currently. It comes with a six-month  limited warranty, and the design is absolutely amazing.

One other packaging the power bank come with is a USB charge cable. The cable is however very short but you have an option of using a longer USB cable.


It is available at TECNO Carlcare centers or any TECNO branded shops across the country for Kshs. 2690.

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