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Facebook is testing a Data Saver Mode feature for Messenger to help you save on data.


Facebook is reportedly testing out a new feature that will let users cut down its mobile Messenger app’s data consumption. The idea behind this is to help people be able to use less data when accessing video content and photos posted daily on the internet.

Facebook has done this by adding the Data Saver option  in the settings menu on Facebook Messenger Beta on Android. Once the settings are set on, the Data saver filters messages and hides the data that consumes content. You can still view the content, but users will need to tap them individually so that they can appear out of hiding.

Facebook has also added a data counter to show users the amount of data saved every time the Data Saver feature is turned on.

This feature however only works on mobile connection and transferring to a WI-FI turns it off.  Messenger will then automatically show images and videos in the message.  

Facebook has really been working on new features to help users spend less data while on the platform. In June this year, for example, the company unveiled a feature with a similar name for its mobile app. However, instead of hiding images and videos, the feature reduces image sizes and disables autoplay for videos. This feature can be found under Help and Settings on the Menu tab.

It will be interesting to see how Facebook will roll out this feature and we will be keenly following the developments and tell you once it is unveiled.

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