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WhatsApp could be working on a passcode protection feature

A couple of months ago Facebook-owned app WhatsApp introduced end-to-end encryption as an added security measure to keep users’ conversations private on the platform. According to WhatsApp, the move toward end-to-end encryption was intended to bolster personal privacy and security worldwide. It now looks like WhatsApp may be working on an additional security feature.

According to a report published by Android Authority, the details were spotted as part of a text translation program for WhatsApp, ‘’to convert strings from English into Dutch. Phrases to be translated include “Enter the current six-digit passcode:“, “Passcodes don’t match. Try again.“, and “Enter a recovery email address“, which according to Android Authority are indicators that WhatsApp could be working on a six-digit passcode protection feature

The recovery email message suggests that when WhatsApp users forget their passcode, they will be will be able to get back to their account via an emailed passcode reset. Setting up a recovery email feature, the translation suggests is, however, optional.

Again, this is just a rumor and there are no details on whether using the feature will be a requirement for the app. There is also no official confirmation about these details and when the feature will finally start to be rolled out. It is, however, nice to hear WhatsApp planning to give users more layers of security on the platform.

Just the other day, the messaging service also unveiled a new feature that lets users tag people in group chats.We will be following this keenly and give you any updates as soon as we keep getting them.

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