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Meet YouTube Community, YouTube’s new Social Networking feature

We all love Youtube, but who thought Google would one day think of having a social networking feature on it.  These rumours have been going around over the last couple of weeks and they just got confirmed. The company last week announced the launch of YouTube community, a feature that will allow video creators to engage viewers using text, GIFs, images and more.

YouTube has been testing the feature over the last several months with a number of creators to try and get feedback before finally launching a beta version of the  new product



‘’The brand new Community tab on your YouTube channel gives you a new, simple way to engage with your viewers and express yourself beyond video. Now you can do things like text, live videos, images, animated GIFs and more, giving you easier, lightweight ways to engage with your fans more often in between uploads, in real time. Viewers will be able to see your posts in the Subscriptions feed on their phones. They can also opt into getting a notification anytime you post. ‘’

This beta version is only available for a limited number of YouTube creators for now, but YouTube says it plans to add additional creators to the feature in the future. These creators brought forward a diversity of backgrounds and content styles, from John & Hank Green, to AsapSCIENCE, The Game Theorists, Karmin, The Key of Awesome, The Kloons, Lilly Singh, Peter Hollens, Rosianna Halse Rojas, Sam Tsui,Threadbanger, and VSauce3.

It adds that Community is a special release for YouTube because it represents the deepest product collaboration the company has ever done with creators.

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