Facebook rolls out new metrics, engagement tools for videos

Facebook want to help content creators to track and enhance engagement and with its video content. The company has rolled out a new tool that will now help publishers better understand who is watching their videos on the platform.

The video metrics in Page Insights and Video Library tool will also help publishers understand who is engaging with their videos. These updates, according to Facebook will give publishers actionable data to help them create videos that forge stronger relationships with their viewers and engage new audiences.  The tool allows publishers to break out the minutes of a video viewed by age, gender, as well as top geographic location, enabling publishers to tailor their audience.

                                                                                                                      Top Audience

‘’With new audience demographics, publishers will be able to learn more about the people who are most engaged by their content, allowing them to tune their content strategy.’’ Facebook Product Manager Anaid Gomez-Ortigoza explained in a blog post.

The new tool will also for the first time enable publishers to see how aggregate audiences engage at specific points during a live broadcast. This basically means the tool will show when people were moved to react to, comment on or share the video. You will all agree with me that a huge percentage, 48% according to Facebook, of videos watched on Facebook come from shares, this is therefore very useful information that should make publishers very happy.

                                                                       Video Engagement: All Reactions, Comments and Shares

‘’These new metrics show the volume of reactions, comments, and shares throughout a Live video, helping publishers analyze viewer sentiment and identify the most compelling moments.’’

With these tools, publishers will now be able to understand more about how sharing impacts the distribution of videos and what kind of content compels people to share. For all videos, publishers will be able to access breakdowns of views and minutes viewed from the original video post versus shares and crossposts of the video.

The tools will start rolling out yesterday and will be available to all Pages in the next couple of weeks. The new metrics are also available via the export and the Insights API.


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