The Infinix X-Band: When fashion meets technology.

A couple of weeks ago I told you about Infinix Mobility officially entering into the smartwatch market. The company announced it was launching the X-Band which will officially hit the market next week alongside the Infinix Note 3 smartphone.

We got the device with us and if you are into fashion and love technology, then this something you should definitely look out for.  The X-Band features a number of exciting features making it perfect for all Infinix mobile and other android devices users. (Watch some images of the x-band in the slides below)

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In the first article we did when introducing the X-Band, we told you all you need to know about it including the specs. In case you missed the article you can read it HERE.



So after telling you all the details about the smartwatch, you must be curious to know what else you can do with it. Well, I have the review for you below, though I am going to do it differently from the other reviews I have done before. I will be focusing on specifics in this review.

One thing about the smartwatch is that is very classy and fashionable, no doubt about that. I love smartwatches but this one if one of its kind from Infinix. It has basically been designed with outdoor lifestyle and comes in two colors: black and brown.  I am not into fashion but the x-band is something you can wear with any attire. It is very comfortable and lightweight and its rubber strap makes it is a perfect fit.


Before using the x-band there are a number of things you need to do. Remember I mentioned it can be used with any android device. But users will first have to download a customized x-band app available on Playstore. Once you have the app you need to set up your profile and then pair it with the x-band to be able to set everything. The app however automatically sets the time, which I found very interesting.


From the app, you can also monitor your x-band battery capacity, the distance covered, steps walked including the energy used. The app also allows you to set notifications for all the applications on your smartphone: text messages, emails, Whatsapp chats, Twitter, Facebook among others.

I did some good walking today 🙂

So what exactly can you do with the x-band?

The x-band has a small digital display which shows time, date, stopwatch, steps walked. If you are into sports, like you love doing morning jogs, cycling you can monitor how well you are performing with the x-band.

It can also be used to receive calls, connecting other Bluetooth devices, reading messages and playing music through Bluetooth. To use it as a Bluetooth, just detach the display and you are good to go.

To use it as a Bluetooth, just detach the display and you are good to go.
To use it as a Bluetooth, just detach the display and you are good to go.

Well, I mentioned you can set notifications on the x-band app so that once a text message, for example, comes through your phone, the smartwatch will vibrate to notify you about the text, including the sender, one thing, though, you will not be able to read the message meaning you have to go back to your phone. The same applies to all other applications apart from phone calls.

Other features of the x-band include water resistance to a depth of 50m, shockproof and vibration-proof. The 100mAh battery is also very impressive especially if you are using it as a wrist watch alone, but if you alternate between using it as an earpiece and watch then you will have to charge it every night. Overall, the battery performance is quite good.

My take


Overall, the Infinix X-Band is quite something especially in terms of functionality.  I have used it on my Tecno Camon C9, tried it on the Xiaomi Redmi Note 2, Wiko K-Kool and my Infinix HOT 3 and it never disappointed.

The x-band also comes in hand in terms of device security.  If you have a bag and walking the streets of Nairobi and worried about the probability of someone snatching your phone, you can just keep the phone in the back, put on your x-band and you are safe. Once someone calls you can just receive your call using the x-band.

It will be available in the market starting next week, probably the same week the Infinix Note 3 will hitting the market.

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