Eclectics Groups urges organizations to adopt new CRM technologies.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) has grown to become one of the best practices, strategies and technologies that organisations adopt to manage and analyse customer interaction.

CRM systems have been designed to compile customer information across different channels. These channels could include the company’s website, telephone, live chat, direct mail or even social media. They can also give customer-facing staff detailed information on customers’ personal information, purchase history, buying preferences and concerns.

It is for this reason that Eclectics International Group, a company started ten years ago held an event on CRM Dynamics to give consumers some insights on the use of Microsoft Dynamics CRM online. The event, which was held at Radisson Blue Hotel in Nairobi brought together stakeholders from the banking, insurance and manufacturing sector and here, participants got an opportunity to experience how the Microsoft Dynamics CRM works.

Eclectics International is a pan African private company focusing on the provision of affordable state of the art IT solutions for the African financial market. The company uses Microsoft Dynamics CRM to give organizations and professionals a 360-degree view of their customers. Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online provides real time analytics and combines robust process automation capabilities making organizations interact more meaningfully with their customers as well as deliver more timely and accurate products and services.  According to Eclectics International, a superior customer experience and personalized service are key differentiators for financial institutions in today’s competitive economy.

Participants taking part in the Eclectics International Group event on CRM Dynamics at Radisson Blu Hotel, Upper Hill . The event was aimed at giving consumers insights on the use of Microsoft Dynamics CRM online.

Speaking during the event, Paul Mbugua, the Managing Director of Eclectics International Group said one of their key focus is coming up with local solutions for financial institutions. He added that one of the reasons they came to the market is after they identified that none of the existing channels of core-banking systems were 100% addressing the need for CRM and localization.

‘’Going forward CRM is becoming a necessity. Financial institutions now have a chance to document customer interaction from different channels including calls, sms, and social media comments and even emails.’’ Paul Mbugua said. ‘’ With CRM, companies are able to move from traditional versions to self-service channels like Internet Banking, Mobile Banking and Agency Banking which have become so prevalent in most African countries.‘’

He added that CRM includes reports that let you identify common support issues, evaluate customer needs, track processes, and measure service performance on real time collaboration transforming organizations into customer and agent centred enterprises.

As a CMMI Level III Company, Eclectics International were the first Indigenous African Company to achieve this highly rated certification in the ICT Sector. They have extensive experience in executing a variety of ICT assignments across different sectors in finance, education and agriculture adhering to global renowned International Standards committed to quality service delivery.

Laura Wamunyu, Head of CRM at Eclectics International who was also present during the event urged organizations to have a complete 360° view of their customers so as to enable them to market, sell, and service their customers more efficiently and effectively.  A True 360° profile view of customers gives visibility into all interactions throughout the organization through emails, telephone calls, appointments, tasks, social media engagement and visits. All these interactions are compiled into a single view of the customer across different departments in an organization. An integrated, 360° view of customers highlights organic sales opportunities within your existing customers as well as enables the organization to identify new leads.

She urged organizations to stay competitive by being agile and adopting to the changing technologies. They can do this by using solutions designed to easily adapt to changing customer demands and leverage service intelligence to deliver intent driven outcomes in a secure, flexible and reliable environment.

‘’One of the challenges facing organizations is earning loyalty from their customers. We need to empower them to be able to increase customer satisfaction and retention by providing personalized consistent engagement across all channels. One of the tools we are proposing is Microsoft Dynamics CRM online’’ Laura said.

At the event guest were also taken through a technical demo of how the Microsoft Social Engagement Integration with MS Dynamics CRM Online works.

One of the best things about the tool is the fact that it can be accessed through any smart device. This means with your Smartphone or tablet you can be able to collect all your customer data. Organizations were also urged to take advantages of new technologies like the Cloud and Internet of Things (IoT) to adopt Microsoft Dynamics CRM online to increase their customer engagement.

Apart from CRM, Eclectics International also offers many other solutions including; Mobile Wallet and Banking solutions, Internet Banking, Microfinance and Sacco Solutions, HR and Payroll (eHR), Back office work flow and consultancy solutions.

Visit the Eclectics International Group website to learn more about the services they offer.

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