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The most followed account on Twitter with 89M followers has been hacked.

Social media accounts get hacked all the time. Kenyan Tweeps and other Twitter users across the globe have always reported cases of their accounts being hacked.  Last night, one of the most followed accounts on Twitter Katy Perry with 89 million followers became a victim.


The account posted some few vulgar and racist tweets something that might have intrigues most of her followers. The tweets were being posted by what seemed to be a very active account Romanian based account (@sw4ylol) that also posted some few email screenshots.

As if that was not enough, the account also tweeted a link to a track on SoundCloud known as Witness. The track is believed to be an unreleased Katy Perry song.

The tweets and the tweets have since been brought down although screenshots have widely hours after the hack.

This incidence is good reminder that despite the security measures put by Twitter, no one account is safe. Just last month, Twitter reported that it found out about a 2013 data breach that according to estimates, might have seen 65 million accounts affected. The company advised users to change their password to stay safe on the platform.

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