Forget the Luxury cars, Land Rover is also getting into the Smartphone Business

I love Land Rovers, I mean they are among the most luxurious cars in the world. Anyone including me dreams of owning one future, but that aside. The company has announced something that no one expected,  It is entering the smartphone market.

Yes, Land Rover known for their large luxury vehicles has announced that it is making it own smartphone. Is this a good idea?

Well, the company has teamed up with Bullitt Group, one of the fastest growing and largest privately-owned technology groups in the UK in what they say is ‘’to define and develop a groundbreaking portfolio of mobile devices and peripherals which will take the brand into a new and exciting commercial terrain.’’

The two companies say the new range will be a combination of durability and elegance and will be designed to be an active lifestyle, aimed at people who like to take new challenges and go ‘above and beyond’ the ordinary.

“Incorporating iconic Land Rover design and innovative technology into the mobile phone sector with Bullitt Group presents an exciting challenge and fantastic opportunity to take the brand into a new dimension.’’ Lindsay Weaver, Director of Licensing and Branded Goods at Jaguar Land Rover, said.

“An engineering and design team from Jaguar Land Rover Special Operations will be assigned to the partnership and subsequently deliver a number of bespoke applications tailored to Land Rover brand and product values.” He added.

“We’re delighted to have formed a partnership with Land Rover and to be helping them inject their brand values of cutting-edge design and durability into the mobile phone market.’’ Bullitt Group CEO Peter Stephens said.

‘’We’re confident the new range of products will perfectly encapsulate everything that Land Rover represents, appealing to those who already love the brand and providing an introduction to those who are yet to discover it.”

The portfolio is now under development by Bullitt Group, working directly with Jaguar Land Rover Special Vehicle Operations Group.

Bullitt Group has been responsible for building smartphones plus other electrical equipments for companies like Kodak and many other and we are looking forward to see the angle this new partnership with Range Rover is going to take.

We should expect the portfolio to launch in early 2017 and the two partners say we should expect it to embody the core values of the Land Rover brand, featuring some truly innovative capabilities and technology.


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