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Facebook is Developing a Camera App for users to share more content

Remember when Facebook launched Facebook live, a feature that allows users to broadcast videos lives to their friends? Now it looks like the company is not stopping here. A new report suggests that the company is developing a stand-alone camera app that will also users create and share more videos.

People familiar with the matter who spoke to The Wall Street Journal say the a prototype of the app developed by Facebook’s ‘’friend-sharing’’ team opens to a camera, similar to disappearing photo app Snapchat. They add that the planned feature allows a user recording a video through the app to begin live streaming.

The Wall Street Journal reports that the app could be a response to the growing trend among the 1.6 Billion Facebook users of consuming and reacting to content rather than creating it. It adds that many users users who use Facebook are not sharing photos, videos and status updates about their own lives and reserving this trend is a top priority for the comoany.

The sources confirmed to WSJ that the app is still in its early stages and might even never see the market

Sources confirmed to WSJ that the app is still at a nascent stage and chances are it might never make it to the market. A Facebook spokeswoman however declined to comment on the app when contacted by the WSJ adding that the overall level of sharing on Facebook was strong and ‘’similar to levels in prior years.’’

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