Wearables: Samsung Gear S2 unboxing and first impressions

I love wearables and I think they one of the most interesting technologies to watch out  for, in fact, smartwatches are currently regarded as the next big thing.  Every manufacturer right now is jumping into the wearable market with both feet, from Apple, Huawei, to Samsung just to mention a few.

One of the wearables I have been interacting with in the past few weeks if the Samsung Gear S2. Yes, the Gear S2, it finally hit TechTrendsKE’s doorstep :). Full review coming soon.

The Gear S2 features a beautiful round AMOLED display, solid specs, a clean minimal design, and works with all Android phones,  YES, ALL ANDROID Phones.

Without wasting your time let me do the unboxing and show you what the Gear S2 comes with.

The smartwatch comes in a circular box, so the unboxing process is really simple.


So what is in the box? from the image one of the things that come in the box wireless charger, which is something most tech enthusiasts like me love.

wireless charger dock 1

So what this means as Sumsung said, Say goodbye to the wires – simply pop it onto the dock to top up your battery. Check on your charging status with a handy LED indicator and you are good to go.

The second thing in the box is the extra straps, which you can replace with the current straps in the Gear S2. Then of course you have the watch itself. See, there isn’t much to say about the box and its content. Let’s just dwell on the device itself.

Let me be honest here, I am so in love with the stainless still body the Gear S2 comes with. And the fact that it is AMOLED display makes me love it even more.   I promised to just give you the first impressions so check the photos below and keep visiting for a full review coming soon.

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