Google Now lets users edit files from within the Google Drive App

If you have the Google Drive app on your Android smartphone you will realize when using it you are only limited to basic management functions. This means as a user you cannot be able to edit or even sort documents easily with the Drive app. Well, that is about to change.

Swipe from Drive preview

Google has made an update to the Drive app that will let users easily swipe through, sort and even edit documents from with the the app. With this swipe update, you can now swipe through your Drive folders faster while in preview. This lets you quickly scan through all your favorite Google Drive files.

To sort your documents in the Drive app users will simply have to tap the sort column at the top of Drive to swap the sort order.

Editing On Drive

When viewing your files, whether it is a spreadsheet, document or photo in Drive, you’ll just need to click on the small blue edit button and you will be taken directly to your editor of choice It could be Google Photos, Google Docs, and more depending on what you want to edit.

This is indeed a huge relief to most users who initially had to close the Drive app and open another one to just make changes to a document.

Google says that it is in the process of rolling out the update, meaning you should expect to see the changes any time soon.

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