“Always ON Display”; Is it YotaPhone ‘s, LG’s or Samsung’s?

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Back in 2014, YotaPhone smartphones introduced ‘Always ON’ feature in their brand. This feature allows you to view; time and notifications on your locked screen. A new feature in smartphones so to speak.

LG G5 is  launching as the second in line with ‘Always ON’ feature.

Samsung S7 Edge


Samsung S7 Edge & S7 Edge+ is launching with ‘Always On Display’ now as a trademark.

Both LG and Samsung’s launch events will be held on Sunday February 21. LG’s rival South Korean company will be holding a launch event at Mobile World Congress.

Samsung’s “Always on Display” will make use of the S7’s AMOLED display to provide information on weather, notifications, calendars and S Health data among other things. It will reportedly use as little as one percent of battery per hour but it is unclear if it will be a full-screen mode like Motorola or Google’s Ambient Display or something smaller like LG’s Glance View.

AMOLED displays, by virtue of only illuminating individual pixels, can be used to display information when the rest of the screen is off without consuming much battery power at all. LCD screens don’t permit this kind of energy-saving feature because the entire screen is backlit, even when displaying blacks.

The LG G5 on the other side is reported to have a 5.3-inch LCD main display with an additional ‘ticker’ display riding above. We know the device will be rocking the 2016 darling of the processor world: the Snapdragon 820. 3GB of RAM, 32GB of storage, and a microSD slot for additional memory.

Camera-wise, the G5 will supposedly be taking a page out of the V10’s book with a dual-camera setup. While the V10 implemented this feature on the front side, the G5 will be using it on the back. Dual cameras allow for wide-angle shots and a handful of other nifty little tricks. 16MP for the main camera, 8MP for selfies and 2800AH of battery.

Note: All the news are rumors so  keep an  eye and verify from the manufacturers; YotaPhone, LG & Samsung for more information.


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