Top simple Gadgets to gift them this Valentines Day

So today morning I woke up to a very interesting hashtag trending on twitter, #ValentinesDaySurvivalTips. Kenyans on Twitter have taken to the social media platform to express their different views on how best to gift their partners this valentine’s. Of course some of them were very humorous, you know Kenyans On Twitter or #KOT as they are commonly known.

But how do you really show love to your significant other or family member this Valentines day?. I have compiled a list of some of the most affordable gifts that will make her or him happy on that day.

1. Selfie Stick

You know how much she loves taking selfies, right? well show her you want more selfies from her by getting her a selfie stick. There are selfie sticks that go for as little Ksh.1, 200 why not get her one. She does not have to always borrow one from a workmate for her to send you a selfie. Remember it has to be a good selfie stick brand, not those weak ones that break off the first or second day of purchasing them.

2. Matrix Blackbox laptop tracker

We all are scared of losing our laptops. We are always wondering what would happen if we lost them and if indeed it will be possible for us to track them. Devastating, right? This tracker known as the Matrix Blackbox could come in handy to secure both you and loved one’s laptop. Why don’t you gift them with one. The tracker is a purely Kenyan product developed by a Kenyan

Matrix Blackbox executes commands via text. Just via text, you can track, spy, call, sms and even create a WI-FI hotspot with the laptop. Read here on how the tracker works and how you can get one, it will only cost you Ksh.7,500.

3. Powerbank

powerbank 2You know those annoying moments when you are to meet up with your patner  for maybe a date, or she had promised you she was coming for a sleep over and requested you to pick her in town, then when you are in town her phone suddenly goes off, I know you do, :). Find a solution to that this valentines, get him or her a powerbank with a higher mAh capacity and remember to always remind her to charge it . At least she will always be carrying the powerbank in her handbag every time she goes out.

4. LED EasyKeyFinder

I few weeks ago a friend gave me a very interesting device he had just shipped in to review, it’s called a EasyKeyFinder and It is simply a wireless Bluetooth device that you can attach to your key or any other valuable you would not want to lose it could be your car keys or Smartphone. What the device does that it communicates with the device you attached it to via Bluetooth and notifies you when you forget your let’s say Smartphone at home.

So ladies, gentlemen, he or she should not lie that they forgot their smartphone at  home or in the car when they are not picking up their phone. The wireless key finder can also make finding anything so much easier. Read about it here and also how you can get one.

5. Headphones

Whether your partner loves music or wants to cancel external noise at work or when stuck in traffic, a headphone is a good gifting option for them this on 14th. There are a number of options available in the market in this segment at the moment for a limited budget.

6. Netflix subscription


Netflix is now in Kenya; probably something most of us have been waiting. Why not gift your partner with a subscription plan. This could be an option of if you cannot manage to gift them with that expensive gift.  So how much are we looking at here? You have three options, you can choose to gift her with Basic plan, which is the cheapest that goes for $7.99 a month ( Kshs 816 at the current rates), Standard plan which is the recommended plan that goes for $9. 99( that Kshs 1020 with the current rate)  a month or The Premium plan hat tgoes for $11.99 (Kshs 1224).

So don’t hustle too much, no more chocolates or roses for valentines, i they the are so overrated :). You have so many choices here




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