Review: How a New LED EasyKeyFinder device helps you find your misplaced valuables

Misplacing something is one the most common things that happens to us. It could be a phone or even bunch of keys. Most of the time we always end up not getting these things, reason being we cannot trace them or remembers the last place we placed or left them. This is always the most devastating moment.

How would you remember where you placed it, what would happen if you cannot remember where you left it, or how would you tell if you are leaving it behind when you have left your house already in your car or matatu?
Well, for close to a week now I have been interacting with an interesting gadget that might come in handy.
What is this gadget?

Let me call it an EasyKeyFinder, as it has been branded. It is simply a wireless Bluetooth device that you can attach to your key or any other valuable you would not want to lose.

How does it work?
To use this gadget one needs to first download the EasyKeyFinder App from the Apple App Store for iPhone users or Google Play Store for android phone users. Once you have downloaded the app the next step will be to activate the EasyKeyFinder by pressing the button on the EasyKeyFinder 3 times. The buzzer will beep and a Blue LED indicator will flash three times.

Screenshots of the EasyKeyFinderApp connecting with my device
Screenshots of the EasyKeyFinderApp, here I renamed the App TechTrendsKE

















The next step would be to open the downloaded app from your phone and click the Bluetooth icon to open a list and then press the search icon to locate and connect the EasyKeyFinder. Here you can also rename the app to your suitable name, like I named mine TechTrendsKE. After all this is done now you are set to go in using EasyKeyFinder.


I know the question you might be asking yourself now is, how do I use it? Here is how;
All you will need to do is attach the EasyKeyFinder your key or any other valuable item you do not want to lose. It could be your Smartphone, car key or any other thing. How do you use it to locate your misplaced item? Having connected the app to the device you have no reason to worry. When the EasyKeyFinder goes out of safety range, the app will alert you with sound vibration or even with a camera flash.

EasyKeyFinder device attched to a bunch of keys
EasyKeyFinder device attached to a bunch of keys

With the camera you will have to tap the camera icon to launch camera in the app. You do this by simply pressing the button on the EasyKeyFinder and your Smartphone to take picture of videos.

The wireless device is a Bluetooth Low Energy that works with Bluetooth ready smart devices, iOS and Android. This of course might be your iPhone, iPad, or simply your Smartphone and what is does is communicate with the free EasyKeyFinder App you downloaded and works as a key finder, an anti-lost alarm and camera remote shutter. You make the device communicate with your smartphone camera by simply tapping the camera icon on the app. When the button on the EasyKeyFinder is pressed it will trigger your Smartphone to take videos or pictures.

When a connection is broken during the communication process between your device and the EasyKeyFinder, the app will also add a pushpin on the map and inform you where you have misplaced the EasyKeyFinder.

General Specifications
– Wireless: Bluetooth
– Range: 0-35 metres
– Dimensions: D37mm X9mm(R631), L38mm x W38mm x H9mm(R633),D31mm x T5.4mm(R621)
– Buzzer: 80Db(R631/R633),70Db(R621)
– Weight 12g
– Indicator: Blue LED
– Water Proof

This is one of the most interesting devices I have interacted with just this year. We always do not know how we lose some of our valuables at times and I think this device will be of so much help. One think I do not have to be connected to the internet for it work, as long as my device is Bluetooth enabled. The fact that it is only 12g makes it easy to carry around, you can attach to your bunch of keys, like I did and you are good to go.

Something else, both the device and your Smartphone work simultaneously, You leave your house for a certain range and the device will notify you that you left your Smartphone in the house, your smartphone too is able to make some sound making it easy for you to locate it.

Share your thoughts with us on what you think about this device.

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