HERE selected to provide real-time traffic data to transportation departments across U.S.

Georgia, Alabama and Missouri state departments of transportation (DOT) in the United States have selected HERE as their provider of probe-based Traffic Services to enhance driver safety and improve traffic flow management and planning strategies. HERE will combine precision mapping, big data analytics and deep insights to create high quality traffic service for government transportation agencies. 

HERE will provide the Georgia, Alabama and Missouri DOTs with real-time traffic data for the states’ roadways. This data will in the end enable the DOTs to communicate to drivers up-to-the-minute information about current traffic conditions and travel times. The agencies will also utilize HERE data for traffic operations, situational awareness, and performance management, including bottleneck identification, trend spotting, construction planning, “before and after” traffic studies and more.

Georgia DOT (GDOT) is now the seventh state along the eastern seaboard to utilize HERE Traffic Services. HERE was selected by GDOT through an agreement with the I-95 Corridor Coalition, which supports transportation agencies from Maine to Florida. The I-95 Corridor Coalition’s most recent quality tests showed HERE has outstanding overall performance for detecting congested road conditions.

“Managing the flow of traffic on the U.S. road network is no easy task, and HERE is glad to support transportation agencies with the data that enables safer and more efficient vehicle movements across road networks,” Monali Shah, Director of Global Intelligent Transportation Solutions at HERE said. “As we move to connected and automated driving, dependable and accurate real time data will only increase in value for government agencies and drivers alike.”

For more than 15 years, HERE has worked with national, state and local government agencies in the United States to better inform drivers of changing conditions, create safer road conditions, and ensure people and goods move smoothly through road networks.

Since 2009, HERE has provided the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) with real-time and archived traffic data. MDOT has successfully leveraged the HERE dataset to reduce overall system congestion through the execution of data-driven approaches to resource allocation (e.g. snow plow routes during storms), providing reliable and up-to-date traveler information to the public, and strategically prioritizing construction projects.

“Safety is the top priority at the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) as we focus our efforts on improving traffic flow,” said MDOT Director Kirk Steudle. “This data enables a safer road network and helps the environment because reducing congestion also reduces emissions.”

HERE has also partnered with MDOT, the University of Michigan, and many other industry stakeholders to test connected and automated driving technologies at the Mcity facility in Ann Arbor, Michigan. HERE is creating the precision HD Map of Mcity, which is an indispensable component to making highly automated driving a reality.

During the upcoming AASHTO Annual Meeting in Chicago scheduled t take place from September 24th to 28th , HERE will showcase the HD Live Map and its leading traffic products, including Real Time Traffic, Predictive Traffic and Traffic Analytics. To learn more about our leading Traffic Services, visit this link.

To learn more about how transportation agencies utilize HERE services, please read this interview with Jon Nelson, a Traffic Management & Operations Engineer at the Missouri Department of Transportation.

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