Video Interview: Yululate enables you vent about any business through reviews

Yululate is a website that enables you to howl, scream, shout, vent or simply Yululate, about any business through writing reviews and expressing opinions and gives you a platform for your Yululation to be heard across the world.

Ululation in Africa is done to announce good news in communal ritual events and to express strong emotion for celebrations and announcements. Just as “ululation” has remained an African concept, not widely known outside Africa, Yululate wants  to transcend those social boundaries so that every person’s review and rating contributes equally to the rating and ranking of a business, without prejudice of race, class, social status, demographic profile and the other collectives since every consumer’s opinion is deemed to be just as important to a business and that their love, frustrations, aspirations, inspirations are heard far louder than their “ululation” would have traveled.

Here is an interview with Imran Khan, the CEO of Yululate. He gets to discuss the beginnings of the website and the vision behind the brand.

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